Gem Feature: Rainbow Sapphires

December 6, 2018

By: Diane Nicole Go


You may be familiar with Blue Sapphires — the birthstone of September. This gemstone is revered for its majestic royal blue color reminiscent of the sky. You’ve seen it on Princess Diana’s choker or even Kate Middleton’s engagement ring, which caused a sudden interest in the stone. But did you know that Sapphires come in other colors besides blue?


You heard it right— Sapphires come in a wide range of colors and hues, from orange, yellow, green, purple and even pink! There are even some color combinations that transcend the basic rainbow colors, such as greenish-blue or bluish-green variants that look like the sea, rosy brown like the color of rich cognac, or even the rare orangey-pink Padparascha Sapphire that looks like the piece of a sunset sky.


Got a favorite color? Chances are, there’s a sapphire with that exact shade!


Ruby vs Sapphire


Now you may wonder: is there such a thing a red Sapphire? No! That would technically be a Ruby — the more passionate, bolder sister of Sapphire.


Ruby and Sapphire come from the same family: Corundum. Both stones have the same characteristics, but the only thing that sets both of them apart is their color. While the name Ruby can only be used for red stones (even pink ones don’t cut it!), the criteria for Sapphire is more lenient. The blue ones are called Sapphire, while all other colors fall under the category of Fancy Colored Sapphires.


Physical Properties of Sapphire


Composed primarily of Aluminum Oxide, Sapphires get their color from trace elements that get mixed in during the formation process. These include Iron, Titanium and Chromium. For example, Chromium gives Sapphires their pink color, while Iron is the element behind Green and Yellow Sapphire. Without any of these trace elements, Sapphire is colorless, just like diamond.


While Sapphire comes in a wide range of colors, not all of them are priced the same way. Variants such as Green Sapphires are common, which makes them affordable, while the rare ones like the Padparascha Sapphire fetch high prices in the market. But that’s not all there is to it. You also need to consider if it’s natural or synthetic (the synthetic ones are usually priced lower) how pure and vibrant the color is, the size, cut, and how “clean” it is.


Just like Rubies, Sapphires will never be flawless. They’ll always have foreign bodies of either solid, liquid or even gas that are enclosed in them— and that’s not bad! These unique birthmarks add character to your stone, and while some are acceptable, you need to be careful about large cracks and chips that threaten the stone’s durability.


Our recommendation? Go for natural Sapphires with vivid, even colors and the least imperfections.


Why Go Rainbow?


The question is, why not? We list down our top 5 reasons why Rainbow Sapphire Jewelry is the next in thing!

  1. Long-lasting and Durable: Sapphires are pretty strong stuff. They rank 9 in the Moh’s scale of hardness, second to Diamond. These durable stones can withstand the rigours of day to day life, which is why they’re perfect for all sorts of jewelry: earrings, necklaces, bracelets and most especially rings, which go through a lot, since we use our hands to do anything and everything.
  2. Whimsical and Fun: Remember the good old days of dress up and candy-colored pieces? Now’s your chance to release your inner child with Rainbow Sapphire jewelry! With a sophisticated design that brings out the brilliance of each stone, you’re guaranteed to have a non-traditional and exciting jewelry piece that is vivid and bright. Wearing Rainbow Sapphire jewelry is like wearing happiness!
  3. Multi-purpose Piece: Forget changing your jewelry every time you wear something different, as the myriad of colors that come with Sapphire goes well with any outfit and any occasion! Plus, they make great statement pieces, whether they have a minimalist, simple design, or come in a large cocktail ring or pendant. If you really want your piece to shine, wear it with neutral colors like black: these Sapphires will really give your look a pop of color!
  4. Protects and Heals: Gemstones are believed to come with therapeutic and healing properties that are spiritual in nature-- Sapphires included! Pink Sapphires, for example, is a stone of peace and tranquility, and is said to help clear emotional blockages especially for those going through some problems. Green Sapphire, on the other hand, is a trusting stone that encourages kindness and wise judgment. And Yellow Sapphire is a happy stone that brings luck to the wearer! When worn together, not only does this align all your chakras, but it even helps you and gives you strength.
  5. Never Goes Out of Style: Anyone can pull off Rainbow Sapphire jewelry! It all depends on the style and design, which is really anyone’s game. Millennials can easily choose stackable eternity bands or modern designs that feature these candy-colored stones. The more mature ones can opt for their favorite sapphire colors to be accentuated with brilliant diamonds— set in gold. Plus, if you don’t want to go wild with large rainbow handbags or clothes, these tasteful pieces of rainbow jewelry make a large impact even with its small size.

Taste the Rainbow!


Get started with these pieces from Kate Valerio Jewelry: the 2019 Couleur Collection! The name “Couleur” means color in French and serves to highlight the diversity of Rainbow-colored Sapphire stones! The first jewelry piece in this collection is Eternity Ring, which feature bright and vivid Princess-cut Sapphires, set in 14K and 18K White Gold.


About the Writer:


Diane Nicole Go graduated from the Ateneo de Manila University with a course in BS Legal Management, minor in Creative Writing. She graduated from the Hong Kong Branch of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) last 2017 as a GIA Graduate Gemologist, giving her the skills to assess, identify and grade gemstones.


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