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July 14, 2022

A careful selection of natural gemstones from reputable sources around the world. Each gem is carefully assessed and should pass Kate Valerio Standard.


Kate Valerio only offers real, natural gemstones that can be certified “natural” by any gemological laboratories around the world. Kate Valerio offers from semi-precious gemstones to fine quality and rare gemstones.


Kate Valerio specializes in natural colored gemstones. Kate Valerio only works with top colored gemstones sources and professional gem cutters around the world that provide the right quality of natural gemstones.




Book your gem inquiry via Let Kate Valerio know what gemstone you are searching for. An Online Colored Gems and Jewelry Specialist will present options for you at your convenient time of day.


To book for your appointment at Kate Valerio, you must be truly searching for a particular gemstone or jewelry for yourself or to your loved one/s.