10 Jewelry Trends for 2019

December 6, 2018

As the days of the year 2018 are ending, we usher in a new age of jewelry for 2019. Low quality, cheap-looking trinkets are shoved aside in favor of high-quality (but not necessarily expensive) pieces, since the market nowadays are becoming more critical about the jewelry pieces they buy. You’re better off finding a piece that is durable, long-lasting and made with good-quality gemstones than something cheap and temporary. It’s all about classic timeless pieces now, as the trends often circulate back to what used to be in style.


Jewelry is, and has always been, an expression of your individuality. That’s why fashion gurus now focus on diversity, as fashion is not a one-size-fits-all kind of style. The year 2019 is all about being free: living life free from expectations, labels, categories and rules. You are free to create your own reality, your own business and career—but most importantly, free to wear whatever you want as a creative expression of yourself. Whether you’re bold and bright, or classic and simple, the trends in the coming year feature pieces that work for anyone and everyone.


With the newfound freedom of thought and spirit led by millennials whose diversity will shape the coming 2019, here are the top trends to look out, taken from reputable fashion and jewelry companies like Swarovski, Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.

  1. Spring Colors

2019 is all about bold, beautiful colors that celebrate the beauty of Spring. It’s all about vivacious yellows, deep reds, festive orangy reds, royal blues and magenta colors this time! These colors are likened to pure elements in nature— from warm autumn leaves to sunset skies and flowers in bloom. Embody these rich and vibrant colors in your jewelry pieces to leave a lasting impression.


WE RECOMMEND: Tourmaline or Rainbow Sapphire Jewelry

  1. Personalized Pieces

Nowadays, everyone wants to be involved in the creative process that goes in designing clothes, jewelry or basically anything they can call their own. This adds a personal touch that makes the piece a representation of themselves— from their preferences to their style and even personality. Want a piece that’s uniquely your own? It’s now the in thing!


WE RECOMMEND: Visiting your jeweler or jewelry shop for customized jewelry pieces.

  1. Millennial Pinks

With the millennial age group taking control of the 2019 trend, it makes perfect sense for their color to be part of this list. Unlike the bold colors of spring, Millennial pink is more pastel in nature. As a gemstone color, it embodies beauty and femininity with a subdued color that complements rather than overpowers. Pair it with a rose gold setting to emphasize its pink hue!


WE RECOMMEND: Rose Quartz, Morganite or Kunzite Jewelry. Rose Gold jewelry is also in!

  1. Mixed Cuts and Liquid Cabochons

2019 is all about bringing something new to the table, and that includes the way stones are cut. The sparkly brilliants are still classics, but the market now looks for something unique. Try gems with designer cuts like the Sunray cut, or mixed cuts that combine the fiery brilliants and the simplicity of the step cut. You can even choose cabochon cuts with smooth lines reminiscent of flowing water.


WE RECOMMEND: Opal and Moonstone cabochons, All gems in mixed, carved cuts!

  1. Go Green!

Where the earth meets the sea, the upcoming trend for 2019 centers on the lush colors of green, much like leaves on a bright day. Green is the nurturing color of Mother Nature—the color of life. With the many shades of green available in gemstones, the possibilities are endless! Pair green gemstones with bright colors of spring to create pieces reminiscent of blooms or wear gradient shades of green that resemble vines. It’s all about the environment now, as reflected in your jewelry.


WE RECOMMEND: Emerald, Peridot and Green Tourmaline Jewelry!

  1. Back to Nature

The coming 2019 brings you back to Mother Nature’s loving arms. Designs are inspired from the natural beauty of flowers and leaves. Jewelry pieces take on a delicate feel of a flower in bloom, the cascade of vines, the bouquet of a mini garden or even a butterfly about to take flight. Stones featured in this theme can be bold and vibrant, much like spring, or combine elements of the earth with pink pastels.


WE RECOMMEND: Flower, Butterfly and Leaf-shaped Jewelry!

  1. Cosmic Mysticism

Celestial Jewelry has been around for a long time—from the constellation shaped pendants for your zodiac sign, to jewelry pieces artfully arranged to look like the vibrant rays of the sun or the serenity of the moon. The stars aligned this 2019, and we see a return of the cosmos as we continue to be fascinated with the unknown—the sky, space and the great beyond. This coming 2019, wear a cosmic piece that represents your sign, or bring back a classic star-shaped piece as you revisit your childhood love for all things shiny.


WE RECOMMEND: Sun, moon and star jewelry, or Constellation jewelry!

  1. Layering and Stacking Jewelry

Layering jewelry allow you to create your own unique combination. The idea behind it is taking something small and simple, then transforming it into something grander. Here, you’re not limited to just necklaces—even rings and bracelets can be stacked together!


Look out for pre-layered jewelry in stores near you: companies have now begun to adapt to this trend by offering their own combinations that you can start out with. But if you have a jewelry that comes with a special meaning to you, this trend allows you to wear it all— the piece closest to your heart, made even more special as you reinvent it with other pieces that accentuate it.

  1. Enamel Jewelry

Enamel jewelry picked up in popularity during the Autumn season of 2018, and we just love how it’s sticking around for 2019 too! Enamel jewelry is bright and colorful— perfect for adding a pop of color to neutrals. Unlike the classic gold pieces or gem-studded heirlooms passed down from your grandmother, enamel is something new, and most definitely something fun and refreshing.


You can find this in all sorts of jewelry, from rainbow bangles to brightly-colored accents paired with your choice of equally colorful gemstones in the form of earrings, pendants or even charms for your bracelet. Enamel does not sparkle— rather, it adds a glossy color that stands out unlike any other.


WE RECOMMEND: Brightly colored enamel pieces paired with colorful gemstones!

  1. Statement Earrings

2019 is all about large, statement earrings that are guaranteed to get anyone’s attention. Popular styles feature geometric shapes: squares, rhombuses, triangles and spirals in the form of hoop earrings. Elongated earrings should look solid and rough in order to be eye-catching. Long earrings are now in and can even come in a variety of lengths—some even reaching the shoulders.


The materials that go into making these earrings are endless: some use feathers to make the piece look bigger, while others work with materials like woods and rough gemstones to give it a more natural look. Enamel is also useful when used together with gemstones, since it adds a pop of color that people first notice, while the polished stone adds sparkle.


There are no restrictions on both age and style when it comes to statement earrings, which is why it works for the upcoming year.


WE RECOMMEND: Large earrings made with gold or set with gemstones!


So far, 2019 will be a year of creative freedom and self-expression. How will you update your look? Let us know in the comments below!