12 Jewelry Trends for 2020

February 6, 2020

While we’ve seen the rise of affordable fashion jewelry in the past, people have recently become more conscious about what they buy. Last 2019 (10 Jewelry Trends 2019), people started choosing good quality, investment pieces instead of cheap trinkets— perhaps to serve as a reward for a promotion, to give to their loved ones someday, or just a treat to make themselves happy. No matter what reason, the same mindset remains: durable and long-lasting are the way to go. But note that a good piece doesn’t always come with a steep price tag— the quality of the materials and workmanship are just as important.


This still applies today, but another factor is added in the matrix: self-expression. While jewelry pieces have always reflected the wearer’s personal taste, it was more subtle. Not like now. 2020 is a bold year with statement pieces, large chains and bright colors. The trend shifts to expressing yourself with confidence— to be proud of who you are and to own it.


Here are the top 10 Jewelry trends this 2020, as cited by big fashion names like Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue and Marie Claire:

    1. Large Hoops





Designed to go with just about anything— from the classic LBD to a power suit—hoop earrings are versatile enough to be used in any occasion. While hoops aren’t something new, it’s been supersized this time around because the year’s all about standing out. Not blending in.


KATE VALERIO JEWELRY RECOMMENDS: Switching things up with double hoops, or even gem-studded variants for that extra sparkle. Some even come in mixed metals if you want something classy.

  1. Classic Blue



The Pantone color of 2020 shifts to something familiar and timeless: Classic Blue. Dubbed as a “timeless and enduring blue hue” that “brings a sense of peace and tranquility to the human spirit” by Pantone themselves, you’ll be sure to see this in fashion and jewelry in the coming months. While it may seem like a paradox to the vivacious theme of 2020, this elegant color is a reminder to be still, to remain grounded and to keep calm no matter what may come.




Celestial Collection by Kate Valerio Jewelry


3cts heart cut Blue Sapphire

  1. Large Chains





Another statement piece to grace the Spring 2020 runways, large chains are back in style. From oversized gold chokers to lucite necklaces and long chains, these links are just as versatile, and do wonders in elevating a casual look or dressing things up for a night out. Plus, people tend to notice it first when they look at you, so use it to accentuate your best features.


KATE VALERIO JEWELRY RECOMMENDS: Wearing these chunky chains as bracelets too! Really helps dress up a classic denim jeans and shirt combo.

  1. Single Earrings



Lost an earring? Don’t worry— you can still rock the other one and look great at it. Some even choose to pair it with an ornate piece on the other ear, while others choose crystal styles that reach the shoulders. And if you have multiple piercings, you’ll have just as much fun decorating your ear with a mix of studs and hoops. It’s all about mixing and matching this year, with endless possibilities and choices!


KATE VALERIO JEWELRY RECOMMENDS: Mixing and matching your pairs for a new look.

  1. Pearls



The Philippines is known for their pearls, yet not many people wear them because they think it’s for old women or office ladies. But don’t let that stop you from getting your own pair. Timeless and just as versatile as the classic hoops and studs, pearl jewelry is back in style this year with reinvented designs. From mismatched earrings to embracing the natural baroque shape of the pearl, there’s no denying how these add a feminine touch to any outfit. And did we mention that they even come in different colors? There are classics like gold, pink or gray, and even exotic ones like black and purple— depending on what catches your eye.


KATE VALERIO JEWELRY RECOMMENDS: Wearing large, statement pearl pieces. In line with 2020, learn to love the many different shapes that pearls naturally form in—uneven, chunky and all— and use them in your day-to-day jewelry.

  1. Rainbow Jewelry

Couleur Collection Series by Kate Valerio Jewelry

Couleur Collection Series by Kate Valerio Jewelry


Welcome the new year with bright baubles and statement pieces in various, cheerful hues. Rainbow, candy-colored hues were no stranger to the runway, with designers playing around with proportions and different combinations that you too can use to brighten up any look. From bright fuchsia to electric blues and scarlet hues set on smoky browns and lush greens, even dainty eternity rings can shine while brooches can look just as eye-catching with that extra splash of color.


KATE VALERIO JEWELRY RECOMMENDS: Multi-colored stones like Sapphires and Tourmalines.

  1. Mixed Metals





The golden rule (pun intended) in mixing and matching jewelry was to keep things consistent: gold necklace, gold bracelet and gold ring. That’s why jewelry sets were the in-thing before. But not anymore. With 2020 being a year of creative self-expression, the golden rule is cast aside for mixed metals and mismatched pieces. Whether it comes in the form of rings wrought in rose gold, gold and white gold, or stacked bracelets in different hues, it’s all about doing things differently this time around.


KATE VALERIO JEWELRY RECOMMENDS: Layering your jewelry pieces.

  1. Crystal Clear Stones

Moonstone Ring by Kate Valerio Jewelry




Taking inspiration from the moon who reflects light from the sun, there are some who prefer subtle gems and minimalist jewelry pieces. One refined approach comes in the form of clear accents and transparent gems. Choose from hoop earrings made with glass with gold accents, or a rustic clear quartz pendant wrapped in golden wire among other simple pieces to go with basic outfits, just to name a few. With the right outfit and accessories, even these pieces can shine.


KATE VALERIO JEWELRY RECOMMENDS: Clear gemstones like Clear Quartz, Moonstone or Goshenite.

  1. Earthy Colors





Diamonds may be precious, but nature is just as precious. Last year, going back to nature was the trend with the rise of spring colors, floral and animal pieces to pay homage to the environment, and this year isn’t any different. But from summer hues, we this time turn to the warm and earthy tones of autumn. This includes rich browns, classic tans much like natural woods set against scarlet, warm orange and yellow tones.


KATE VALERIO JEWELRY RECOMMENDS: Smoky Quartz and Topaz jewelry

  1. Transformable Jewelry

Pink Diamond Ring convertible to Pendant


A style once reserved for royals, transformable jewelry was created for multiple occasions and wardrobe changes. And this year, it’s coming back in style with designers who create bigger pieces that can be made smaller for everyday wear. From pendants that can become a brooch to dangling earrings that become a simple stud when taken apart, adjustable necklaces and more, the possibilities for multi-purpose jewelry are endless. Plus, it’s a style that appeals to many because you get more wear for the money you pay, and you have versatile pieces that you can mix and match however way you want it.


KATE VALERIO JEWELRY RECOMMENDS: Adjustable Necklaces that become bracelets, or chandelier earrings that you can take apart and wear as a stud.

  1. Avant Garde Jewelry



As the 2020 motto goes: Bigger is Better. Avant Garde jewelry makes a return appearance this year with Art Deco-inspired pieces that are radical, asymmetrical and bold, yet at the same time still modern. It’s wearable art that can dress up a simple outfit or be worn in parties or other formal occasions. And best of all, when paired with brightly colored gems or stones of contrasting colors, these artsy pieces will definitely catch everyone’s eye.


KATE VALERIO JEWELRY RECOMMENDS: Using them to their fullest potential by wearing pieces that highlight your best features— for example a large ring to show off your slender fingers, or a long necklace to emphasize your chest.

  1. Geometric Pieces



With bold and bright colors setting the stage for 2020, the shape and style of each piece will need to emphasize the gems’ beautiful hues. Enter the geometric style— a dynamic blend of straight and curved angles. It’s a statement piece that’s unique yet still wearable, eye-catching and oddly satisfying with its symmetrical and even design.


KATE VALERIO RECOMMENDS: Pairing geometric chandelier earrings or long necklaces with a simple black dress to bring out the rich colors of your gemstones.


2020 is a time to focus on yourself. To wear what you want, buy what you want, and be the best that you can be. So, make sure to choose only the best quality jewelry, wear it with confidence, and it’ll definitely do you well.



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